Month: June 2020

E76: Kate Wiggins of Sugar & Kiki

In this episode, I’m joined by postcard entrepreneur Kate Wiggins of Sugar and Kiki. We talk about her postcard store, postcard designing, the joy of writing postcards, and Julia Sugarbaker (Sugar of Sugar & Kiki). 

Sugar & Kiki

Sugar & Kiki Blog

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E75: Blaize Sun of Rubber Tramp Artist

Tarantula Hawk Wasp

Who would guess that a postcard connection would result in a discussion of a Tarantula Hawk Wasp? Not me. But in this episode, I talk with Blaize Sun, who is a writer and postcard designer based in Taos, New Mexico. Blaize and I cover topics as varied as where to find postcards in thrift stores, what people expect to get when they get a postcard, what it’s like to not have rural mail delivery….and tarantula hawk wasps. 

Links to what we discussed in E75:

Rubber Tramp Artist website

Rubber Tramp Artist Patreon link

Postcards designed by Blaize (including the tarantula hawk wasp card)

Background on the Tarantula Hawk Wasp and its painful sting

Taos, New Mexico tourism

Mark Routh on Postcards in the Time of Covid-19

Postcards connect people. And now, more than ever, postcards connect us to each other and to an enduring story during the Covid-19 pandemic. I’m joined in this episode by postcard collector extraordinaire, Mark Routh, who takes us through the early days of collecting postcards and stamps and ephemera about the novel coronavirus pandemic that has dominated our world in 2020.

Mark has assembled a very large collection of Covid-related materials. And he talks about the countries and territories that were first to publish stamps and postcards related to the pandemic. Have any guesses what country was first? Or second? Or sixth? Mark tells us. 

This is a look at how a world-class collector assembles a collection. It goes beyond postcards — and is part of an historical narrative. This is a defining moment of our time — and Mark takes us through many considerations for looking at the pandemic through a collector’s lens. Plus, he treats us to an uplifting poem at the conclusion.

You can find Mark at Mark’s Postcard Chat. (He also has a Facebook account that’s great to keep up with daily. He scans four or more cards every day and gives a discussion of the card and source.)

Other items discussed in this show:

Delcampe Collectibles Auction Site

Swiss Post Covid-19 Solidarity Collector’s Stamps

Claire Holstead Poem

Iran Coronavirus Stamp

Isle of Man Stamps and Maxicard

An Post (Ireland) Postcards

Iran issued the first worldwide coronavirus stamp on March 17, 2020
Swiss Post solidarity stamp
Isle of Man Covid-19 postcard
Ireland’s An Post free postcards

E73: Chat with Postcard Designer Magda Wojcicka of Travel Trinkets Canada

“I just couldn’t find cards I liked, so I decided to design my own.” That’s what postcard designer (and professional photographer) Magda Wojcicka of Travel Trinkets Canada said when I asked her what started her creative process to make top flight postcards.