E40: Postcards for Good with Russ Romano

This week, Frank is joined by Russ Romano in a double episode — Episodes 39 & 40 — which will publish on the same day. And as with all chats with Russ, there are stories. And laughs. And lots to think about. The big topics we discuss in this episode are The Great American Postcard Giveaway and Postcards for Good.

Here’s an example from The Great American Postcard Giveaway (Week 2). Russ writes:

I have received a grab bag of postcards from ADG (@adgnashville ) and each week I will be sending out 10 postcards. I would like to send the postcards to people from the locations represented on the card (for example, a Boston card to someone in Boston). Each postcard will highlight the new first responders postage stamp.
If you live in the location shown, please claim the postcard for yourself by saying “I want the “(title) card” and make sure you DM me your address.
If you know someone in the location shown, say “I know someone in “(title) card” and DM me their address and provide me the name you want me to mention on the postcard.
If I am sending the card on your behalf, the message will read: Hello from New York City. (Your name) thought you might like this card. Please enjoy. Best wishes—RR”
There will be no return address so the card will be seen as just a surprise piece of snail mail.
Week Two cards: (1) Charleston (2) Charlotte (3) Chattanooga (4) Chicago—6 cards (5) Cincinnati (6) Cleveland—TAKEN (7) Coastal California (8) Columbus OH (9) Detroit (10) Everglades (11) Fort Worth


And with his new project, Postcards for Good, he writes:

Postcards for Good will be an online portal or repository for institutions and organizations who want to receive postcards for a particular cause or particular beneficiaries. Likewise it will be a central online location for people to find a place to send their extra postcards or for people to send postcards for a good cause. Examples include: people in retirement communities, schools, military members, hospitals, and Ronald McDonald houses.

People will submit a form requesting to be included on the website. The information will be vetted and then added so people can access the address and information to send a postcard. Political organizations, and individuals will not be allowed to post a request. Organizers and facilitators will be allowed to submitted the names of individuals to be included as long as an institutional address is provided.

Russ Romano
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