E55: Love Hearts Project Live

Russ Romano and I did a live radio show from Love Hearts Project‘s love letter writing event. Love was in the air.

This was the second annual event put on by Alex Krohn, the creator of Love Hearts Project. We sat down with Alex, and a number of people who were at the event writing postcard love letters. Hundreds upon hundreds of love letter postcards were written and sent. Want to feel the love? Here you go.

Alex Krohn, Frank Roche and Russ Romano record Episode 55 of The Postcardist Podcast at the Love Hearts Project’s love letter writing day.

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Some of the Love Hearts Project postcards


Frank Roche, Alex Krohn and Russ Romano by the hand-crafted sign for The Postcardist Podcast at the Love Hearts Project

2 comments on E55: Love Hearts Project Live

  1. Ashli Ahrens says:

    Hearts healing hearts. What a wonderful project! The podcast really captured the spirit of the people and the event so well. Thanks for letting us attend virtually. LOVE WINS.

    1. Frank says:

      Love wins…that is so right. And thank you for coming along for the ride. Live shows don’t always work out…but at this event it was all happiness.

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