E38: Postcards to Space

An Interview with Maria Lanas and Nicole Stott of the Space for Art Foundation. Postcards to Space. You’ve heard of postcards from faraway...

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E37: Disney Postcard Collecting with Mark Routh

Mark Routh, author of Mark’s Postcard Chat and columnist at Picture Postcard Monthly, joins me to talk about a host of topics. We...

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E36: The Postcardist Podcast By The Numbers

In this episode, I talk about the numbers of incoming and outgoing postcards so far at Postcardist World Headquarters. I also talk about...

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E35: A Chat with Postcard Dealer Susan Lane

This week host Frank Roche talks to postcard dealer Susan Lane of Passionate about Postcards. Susan has been a postcard collector and dealer...

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E34: Paper Jewels: Postcards from the Raj

Frank talks to Omar Khan, author of Paper Jewels: Postcards from the Raj. In this episode, Omar discusses his highly acclaimed book tour...

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E33: Snail Mail Superstar

Sara McNally, the Snail Mail Superstar, was recently granted her great-grandfather’s postcard collection. So we talk about that and what it was like...

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