Episode 141: The Finale

There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story. Frank Hebert The Postcardist Podcast: February 2, 2018 to...

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Episode 140: Melissa Reed Has 12,000 Postcards to Send

I talked with Melissa Reed about postcards, letter writing, and how she has accumulated 12,000 postcards at her house in Italy. And she...

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Episode 139: Albert the Basset Hound and Postcard Design Inspiration with Magda from Travel Trinkets Canada

Maggie and I talk about her prolific set of postcard designs at Travel Trinkets Canada. We, of course, also talk about Albert Pickle...

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Episode 138: Jamo Collects Pokemon Cards and Postcards

Jamo went from a collection that started with four Pokemon cards to more than four hundred. Fast. And he knows a lot about...

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Episode 137: The Seinfeld Episode

This is a show about nothing. But I spend 53 minutes talking about it.

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Episode 136: Postcard Designer and Artist Nina Lakusta

What’s the worst postcard you ever got? And can you top the story Nina tells about hers? In this episode I’m joined by...

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