How to Prepare to be a Guest on the Postcardist Podcast

Show Format

Show Opener – 5 minutes: General chit-chat to catch up; I’ll ask you to introduce yourself

Segment 1: 10-15 minutes: Topic A

Segment 2: 10-15 minutes: Topic B

Segment 3: The part where we talk about whatever we want to talk about

Wrap Up – 5 minutes: Let us know where we can find your latest project, website, IG page

Intro / Closer: I’ll record an intro and outro separately. During the show opener I may announce you and give some background on you. I’ll also ask you to say your name and spell it (it’s good journalism…I won’t include that in the show…it’s just for documentation). I may also ask you to pause for a few seconds at different parts of our discussion just so I have space to insert post-production commentary. Please don’t be startled.

Show Recording

Zencastr: For the show recording, I use Zencastr. It will handle the actual recording and give us the ability to talk to each other. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • An Internet-connected computer with either Chrome or Firefox browser
  • Headphones or earbuds with a built-in microphone (e.g., iPhone headphones)
  • A microphone if you don’t have headphones with a built-in microphone (I’ll send you a microphone to borrow for the interview if you don’t have one)
  • Please be sure you are using headphones or earbuds to hear the audio.
  • Also, note your microphone needs to be recognized by Zencastr (visit here for help.)
  • Finally, please don’t leave the Zencastr page until you get a notice that your file was uploaded.
  • I’ll send you the link to the Zencastr session about an hour before we record.

Skype Audio: Same situation as above with Zencastr…the headset/microphone is the most important component. My Skype name is Frank Roche and is included in this link.

Telephone: I will call you from my mobile phone if you’re in the U.S. and from Skype (Frank Roche) if you’re outside the U.S. Please either talk directly into the phone (no speaker) or use your headset.

Media & Bio

What kind of media would you like featured? It’s nice to have a photo of you, but that’s not necessary. Have something nice you’d like me to say about you? Please send me a bio I can read…please go ahead and brag…this is the place where we can say nice things. Social handles are also very useful. Have a blog? Send a link. Have a podcast? Send a link. Have a YouTube channel? You guessed it, send a link.

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