Imbolc Blessings on a Postcard

Orla Hegarty talked about creating Imbolc postcards on Episode 126 of The Postcardist Podcast. Here’s the wonderful one she sent me. I can feel the magic of it.

The front of the card with the bit of cloth and the St. Brigid’s Cross
The Margaret Atwood stamp and the dory stamp and that St. Vincent’s NL pictorial cancellation — all magical
The provenance of this Imbolc card

3 comments on Imbolc Blessings on a Postcard

  1. Ana says:

    Next year I will do it!!! That postcard is beautiful and full of meaning.

  2. Orla says:

    The damage on the front (pink splotches) is a wonderful accent.

    1. Frank says:

      An extra little bit of provenance. I love this card. Thank you! It’s on the mantle over the fireplace in my office.

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