That Time OG and I Ran into David Bowie in Fez

Did I ever tell you about that? Nah, I probably didn’t. So, here goes.

Our adventure starts with OG and me as we meandered through the labyrinthine side streets of Fez, Morocco. We had just arrived in town a few days earlier after we spent a year working at an archeological dig at the Capitoline Temple in Volubilis. Our visas were due to expire.

I wanted to visit the Fez’s famous leather shops, and even though OG doesn’t like leather, she agreed to join me as long as we could do something to overcome the acrid smell of the tanneries. First, we stopped in a spice shop in search of ras el hanout — the exquisite Moroccan mix of salt, cinnamon, cumin, coriander, allspice, black pepper, and ginger. And, I was looking for mint sprigs to hold under our noses for the tannery visit. Alas, that would have to wait.

We heard a massive ruckus. Men screaming and cursing in Arabic and Berber and French. Children crying. And the thumping and crashing of pottery smashing on the ground in the claustrophobia-inducing bazaar. Just then, OG poked her head out of the spice stall we were in and yanked in a tall, thin man with orange hair who just a second before had been scurrying and scampering around the mass of bodies in the street.

The thin man went nearly vertical as OG pulled him into our shop. She directed him to scrunch down and urged me to help stack spice sacks around him. As I added the last burlap bag to obscure him, he looked up. The thin man had one brown eye and one blue eye.

A huge mass of people came dashing past, screaming and shouting. Ziggy. Ziggy. Ziggy. There were hundreds of them pulsing and pushing through the souk. Half a dozen of the crew crashed into the shop we were in.

Ziggy, they yelled, imploring us to tell them if we had seen the man.

Who’s Ziggy, OG asked, first in Arabic, and then in French.

Ziggy. Ziggy. ZIGGY, an unbearded man said, breathing heavily. Ziggy Stardust. ZIGGY.

OG shook her head. No. And she waved the mob off.

After another 15 minutes passed, the medina quieted down. OG bent down to let the thin man out from behind the spice sacks. He got up and brushed cumin from his hair. And dusted cinnamon from his shirt.

And just then, it dawned on me. The eyes. David Bowie looked right at OG admiringly and said this:

I, I will be king
And you, you will be queen
Though nothing will drive them away
We can beat them, just for one day
We can be heroes, just for one day

David Bowie, Heroes

OG was a hero. And for her smart and strong move, we got invited to be on stage at the thin man’s concert in Marrakesh. And Bowie sent OG a poster to commemorate her heroism in saving him from the mob in Fez. Here’s a postcard OG made from that poster to help me recall another Adventure with OG.

E27: Ziggy Stardust Sends Postcards from the Trans-Siberian Railway

Lillian (as Ziggy Stardust) at Podcast Movement

Ziggy Stardust and I are talking about postcards.

Okay, it’s not Ziggy, but it’s a striking likeness. I’m in Philadelphia with author, financial consultant and highly acclaimed podcasterLillian Carabaic. We’re talking about postcards; and she’s turning heads.

We’re sitting in the speaker’s lounge at Podcast Movement. Lillian just finished giving her talk — Breaking Through Creative Blocks Like Bowie — to 100+ podcasters in the most dynamic presentation of the four-day conference. She’s dressed in an asymmetrical blue spandex bodysuit festooned with lightning bolts. She’s sporting a magenta wig. Loads of blue eye shadow. And she’s perched atop iridescent six-inch platform boots. Perched might not be the right word — Lillian/Ziggy demonstrated an overhead kick while onstage in those tall boots. You see, she was once a competitive figure skater.

We met a couple days earlier in a keynote session. What were the odds that I got to sit near a storyteller who sent hundreds of geo-tagged postcards that she wrote on the Trans-Siberian Railway? And that we would start talking about postcards at all considering it’s a conference about podcasting? Oh, the odds. Must be like 2,500 to 1. (87.6% of statistics are made up on the spot.)

I wrote 273 postcards on the train as we crossed Siberia and Mongolia. And I geo-tagged them all.

Lillian and I talk about her travel from Dublin, Ireland to Holyhead, Wales on the ferry. Then on a train to Berlin. And Moscow. And on the Trans-Siberian Railway and Trans-Mongolian Railway to Beijing. And then one more train to Shanghai. (I wonder if she was listening to China Girl when her train rattled into The Land of the Red Dragon.) All the while writing postcards and geo-tagging every one of her postcards that she sent to fans who were following her journey.

This is Part 1 of what could be a multi-part interview series. Lillian is super high energy and so much fun. She’s interesting. And she writes postcards. With glitter.

Postcards written on the Trans-Siberian Railway

You can order Lillian’s book, Get Your Money Together: Your Purr-fect Finance Book, here.

Her radio show and podcast, Oh My Dollar!, can be found here.

And you can hire her to give talks and courses about financial planning by clicking here.

Music in the episode is Japanese Prog by Rushus and is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives (aka Music Sharing) 3.0 International License.

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