The Postcard Love Story of Emil & Bell: Emil Is Waiting and Wondering

May 25, 1909
Vulcan, Michigan
To: Bell(e)
From: Emil

Hello, Belle. I surely thought I would see you at the ball game. I don’t think I will play anymore because the game broke up in a row Sunday. I am going home Sat. morning but will be back Sunday. May be down Sunday-eve. I’ll bet you was pretty tired after that dance. Sincerely, Emil

Postcard: “I’ll be waiting for you.”

Our story picks up on a postcard Emil wrote on a Tuesday. Bell (which he spells Belle this time) hasn’t come to watch Emil play baseball the past Sunday. And he’s disappointed. Look at the little jealousy coming out when he mentions the dance. Also note, this card was sent two weeks after Bell sent Emil the spooning card and saying she was having a good time.

Might there be other boys? We’ll find out soon. One more thing…why do you suppose he wrote the letter upside-down?

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