E29: Postcards from the Edge (Part 2)

In this episode, I continue my talk with Kitty, the creator and curator of Postcards from the Edge, an Instagram community built on a...

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E28: Postcards from the Edge (Part 1)

What happens when a person who creates highly engaged artistic communities gets on the phone with a guy who makes podcasts about postcards?...

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E27: Ziggy Stardust Sends Postcards from the Trans-Siberian Railway

Ziggy Stardust and I are talking about postcards. Okay, it’s not Ziggy, but it’s a striking likeness. I’m in Philadelphia with author, financial...

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E26: Postcard Display in LA with Shannon McCormick

In this episode, I talk with aesthete, word traveler, and LA Woman, Shannon McCormick, about the coolest postcard shop in Los Angeles, how...

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E25: Postcards in a Digital World

Instagram is the the postcard of this time. That’s what Professor John Murphy said to me as we talked about the intersection of...

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E24: Pinhole Photography and Postcard Swaps

What does pinhole photography have to do with postcards? A lot when the talented photographer, Moni Smith, join me to talk about the...

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