Postcards: A Curated Video Collection

Even though we participate in the slow communication genre, there are new ways to learn about postcards and postcard history in new media. I’ve curated a few videos for you to watch that give a look at postcard history. (Plus a couple fun ones to add a little spice to our lives.)

Last evening the Newberry Library hosted author Lydia Pyne and Newberry Curator of Americana Will Hansen to talk about Lydia’s book Postcards: The Rise and Fall of the World’s First Social Network.

The Newberry Library has the Curt Teich collection of postcards and ephemera, which is a collection of more than 2 million pieces. You can search the entire digital collection here. Here’s another video I watched a few months ago about that collection.

Here’s a really terrific video about Raphael Tuck postcards done by the very talented artist at Cream of Cards TV.

There are lots of songs about postcards. Here’s James Blunt singing his song Postcards.

I collect Matthew Kirscht postcards. Here’s an animation he made from some of his Halloween illustrations.

And here’s Ringo singing Postcards from Paradise. I really like all the Beatles song references he does in this song.

Here’s the poet Sarah Kay presenting her poem Postcards at the Bowery Postcard Club. This one is powerful.

This is one of my favorite songs — and the fact it’s called Postcards from Paraguay is just a bonus. Here’s Mark Knofler playing it live.

I just watched the The Andy Warhol Diaries documentary on Netflix. It was terrific. And, of course, a big segment was on Jean-Michel Basquiat. Here’s a Pawn Stars show where a guy walks in wanting to sell Basquiat postcards. Dang!

Finally, if you’d like to see videos I’m making about postcards, here’s a link. I’m planning more video content to complement The Postcardist Podcast.

What videos would you add to this list?

New Additions to My Travel Trinkets Canada Postcard Collection

Magda sent me a gift of new sets of designs she created to add to the very impressive body of work at Travel Trinkets Canada. I’m proud to say I have all the cards Magda has created. It’s not often a person can say they have a compete set in a collection. I now have several albums filled with postcards from this talented designer (and mother to the cutest Basset puppy of all time).

I want to stay in a glass igloo and see the Aurora Borealis
Terrific wordplay. I forking love these.
Yes, Albert the Hound has his own postcards! Cutest pup on the internet.

Here’s an article that nicely summarizes cognitive awe.