E64: Apollo 11 Postcards and Lots More with Mark Routh of Mark’s Postcard Chat

The Apollo 11 moon landing happened 50 years ago. And that event was memorialized in many ways — including on postcards. In this episode, I talk to preeminent postcard collector Mark Routh of Mark’s Postcard Chat. Of course, when I get a chance to talk to Mark, we also cover a lot of postcard collecting ground. Mark offers pointers about how to get the best cards in spinners; where to find collectable cards in obscure places; and securing cachets for your postcards.

Apollo 11 by Erick Sahler

E63: Magdalena Wojcicka and the New Bohemian Postcards

In this episode, I chat with postcard enthusiast Magdalena Wojcicka. You know her on Instagram as Bohemian Me, Stamp and Away, and on her stamp jewelry site Travel Trinkets Canada.

Here’s the wooden Lantern Press postcard Magda sent me from The Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton, AB along with an actual photo Magda took of the hotel lobby.

E62: Is This Thing On?

After what started out to be a brief hiatus turned into a couple months of radio silence. But your host, Frank Roche, is back with a new show with three stories: one about a hand cancellation experience at a post office in Minnesota; a second story about a man who listened to short-wave radio during WWII and sent postcards to families if he hear their solider was alive; and a third about meth-laced postcards being sent to prisons. Yep. Welcome back.

E61: How I Became the World’s Leading Collector of Bigfoot Postcards

Some stories just have to be told. This is one of those stories. I have the world’s largest collection of Bigfoot postcards. Here’s why.

E60: Postcard Stories with Jim Lynch

Jim Lynch is a collector. He collected baseball cards. Football cards. basketball cards. Bottle caps. And postcards.

And he collects information. Jim is an active Postcrosser and participant in the currency tracking project, Where’s George?

He and I got together to talk (what else?)postcards. And a lot of other interesting topics. Now Jim has me searching through my collection looking for baseball park postcards.

Additional items in this episode:

Snail Mail Superstar’s one-year YouTube anniversary

Official Podcast Nerd sticker from Sara McNally at Constellation & Co.

Baseball park postcards

Willie McCovey

Pete Rose

Kayo Soda

E59: The Snail’s Mail Postcard Shop with Jess Davis

Postcards for People Who Love Postcards. That’s the tagline of Jess Davis’s new online postcard store, The Snail’s Mail.

And in this show, it’s proof — once again — of the idea that postcards connect people. I connected with Jess in Episode 51, where we talked about the imminent launch of her online postcard store. Well…that moment came…and so as I mentioned on that initial show, I invited Jess back to talk about how the launch has gone and how she sees the postcard business in the near future.

But even before Episode 51, I connected to Jess last August through Postcards from the Edge, when I interviewed Kitty on Episodes 28 and 29. It’s all a big network of postcard enthusiasts, and I was fascinated to connect with someone all the way in New Zealand.

And I continue my fascination. Here we are in 2019…and Jess decided to spin up an online store to sell postcards. And that, my friends, gives me hope for postcards. The connections we make through postcards last…and the art on them can last a long time.

You know, part of the connection with postcards is that we get to know people. And if they have pets, we get to know them, too. This conversation starts in the middle of something I love about her Instagram site…photos of her Black Lab – Betty. I commented about how much I liked a picture she posted of Betty wearing a flower garland.

Connect with Jess by liking The Snail’s Mail on FB

And here’s Jess’s personal site on Instagram


E58: The World’s Most Expensive Postcard and Postcards for Good

I recently bought a couple lots from a postcard auction in Ireland. And that got me wondering about The World’s Most Expensive Postcard. And that led to another thing, and then another. Plus, I had a chat with Russ Romano of Postcards for Good, so I got that in there too.

Here are all the topics I cover in this show:

Guinness Book of World Records Most Expensive Postcard

The Picasso Postcard

Dear Data 

Peep Machine Pinups (yes, this is about postcards)

Bozo’s Circus Postcard Delivered After 41 Years

The Postcard in Transit for 53 Years

Postcards for Good

E57: Sissy Cross of Lone Star Letter Writers

The clack of a typewriter. The flow of a pen across paper. The fact someone thought about you while they wrote you a real piece of mail. That’s what Sissy Cross and I talked about one Saturday morning recently. Sissy is the founder and creator of the Lone Star Letter Writers group, which meets once a month in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas to create written correspondence.

In this episode, Sissy tells us about how she created Lone Star Letter Writers, how she views written communication, what kind of pen she uses when she writes, and how she tracks her writing data (you have to listen to that part!). And we talk about neuroscience. Yep, Sissy is a neuroscientist by day and a Lone Star Letter Writer by night. Sounds like the makings of a comic book hero to me.

Here’s a list of topics we cover on in the show:

Cool ideas and Clubs: Lone Star Letter WritersAustin Typewriter, Ink; ATI: The Podcast; Egg Press — Write On

Writing Instruments: Standard Issue Supplies Pens; Blackwing Pencils; Olympia SM-9 typewriter

Books: Dear Data by Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec; Bad Blood by John Carreyrou

People: Sara; Diane; Russ

Oh…and neuroscience


E56: Heidi Belinksy of Max & Co Post

This jam-packed show features Heidi Belinksy, the owner and proprietor of Max & Co Post. We cover the gamut in this show — from antique postcards to writing postcards to the business of selling modern postcards. 

E55: Love Hearts Project Live

Russ Romano and I did a live radio show from Love Hearts Project‘s love letter writing event. Love was in the air.

This was the second annual event put on by Alex Krohn, the creator of Love Hearts Project. We sat down with Alex, and a number of people who were at the event writing postcard love letters. Hundreds upon hundreds of love letter postcards were written and sent. Want to feel the love? Here you go.

Alex Krohn, Frank Roche and Russ Romano record Episode 55 of The Postcardist Podcast at the Love Hearts Project’s love letter writing day.

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Some of the Love Hearts Project postcards


Frank Roche, Alex Krohn and Russ Romano by the hand-crafted sign for The Postcardist Podcast at the Love Hearts Project