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E88: Risqué Double Entendres in Vintage Postcards with Serece Tascione

I want to spend some time in your wheat field. You’re welcome to my roost. Finally alone. On one level, Romance...

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E87: Masha Mokeeva, Author of Postcrossing: Book of Secret Knowledge

Here’s a book about postcard history and the global phenomenon of Postcrossing writ large. On this episode of The Postcardist Podcast,...

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E86: From Russia, with Postcards: A Conversation with Masha Mokeeva of Amelie Cards

Russian journalist and author Masha Mokeeva owns a very successful postcard shop in Moscow called Amelie Cards. In this episode, Masha...

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E85: Anushka Sawarkar, the Postcard Princess of Pune

I’m joined this week by Anushka, who has created many postcard connections across the world with her energy in postcarding. We...

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E84: Ben Irving Postcard Project with Tyler Sonnichsen

This week, I’m joined by Tyler Sonnichsen, who has a huge collection of his great-grandfather’s postcard collection from the 1930s and...

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E83: A Big Day with Tiny & Snail

Artists. Business owners. Comedians. Dancers. Sisters. Those are just a few descriptors for Leah and Grace, aka Tiny & Snail. That’s...

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Frank Roche

I'm the host of The Postcardist Podcast. I really should be in the studio with headphones on talking into a microphone, but I liked how pretty the day was at my postcard writing desk.

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