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E43: Evan Kalish of Postlandia Visited 9,200 Post Offices

This week, host Frank Roche interviews Evan Kalish of Postlandia. Evan has visited and photographed more than 9,200 United States post...

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E42: Postcardist News Network

This is Frank Roche for the Postcardist News Network reporting today’s postcard news. Today’s top stories: Tired of the post office...

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E41: Hauntings and Halloween Postcards

It’s the Halloween episode, and you’re in for a trick…and treat. This week Frank Roche is joined by four talented artists,...

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E40: Postcards for Good with Russ Romano

This week, Frank is joined by Russ Romano in a double episode — Episodes 39 & 40 — which will publish...

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E39: Vintage Postcard Mailing Experiment with Russ Romano

This week, Frank is joined by Russ Romano in a double episode — this one and Episode 40 — which will...

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E38: Postcards to Space

An Interview with Maria Lanas and Nicole Stott of the Space for Art Foundation. Postcards to Space. You’ve heard of postcards...

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Frank Roche

I'm the host of The Postcardist Podcast. I really should be in the studio with headphones on talking into a microphone, but I liked how pretty the day was atop Mount Washington, the highest peak in the U.S. east of the Mississippi. I'll take a picture of myself in the studio and put that here...eventually.

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