Episode 135: Accidentally Wes Anderson: The Postcards

I ordered two sets of Accidentally Wes Anderson: The Postcards in July. And then I kept looking at looking at the AWA Instagram site, anticipating the U.S. release of those cards on October 11. Yes, I knew the date. This was exciting stuff.

Guess what? As soon as I saw the postcards I knew I needed two more sets because I used this hashtag when I sent the first ones: #onetosendonetokeep. Yep, for every one I sent I knew I had to keep one. They’re that cool. Other people are doing the same.

Which brings me to something cool: While the launch was going on, Wally Koval, the author of the NYT Bestselling book Accidentally Wes Anderson, took time out of his day to have a chat about the book, the postcards, and how AWA has cultivated a very engaged and creative community.

Audiograms from the Show

…postcards connect people…
…the delight of seeing AWA postcards in print…
…we’ve been sending mail along the way….
…there’s something awesome about taking what’s in your brain and putting it down on a piece of paper…
…one of the coolest things you could do is opening your mailbox and seeing something like that…

Music used in this episode licensed from Storyblocks. Song is Cooking With Gypsy Jazz Guitar Django by MEDIA MUSIC GROUP.

3 comments on Episode 135: Accidentally Wes Anderson: The Postcards

  1. Treeshay says:

    You are so smart! Before you said you had bought more sets of AWA postcards, I had planned to make you an offer you couldn’t refuse. I would send you an AWA postcard and you would send me the same one so we’d each have our own to keep! Never mind. I will now have all 26 for myself and another set, or maybe more, to send! They are much more than I expected!

  2. Ana says:

    Such an interesting show!!! I really enjoyed it. And it is so cool, I bet we will all listen more than one time. The project is fantastic, so are the cards and the idea of a community that can contribute and build something we can all enjoy. Plus, I LOVE Wes Anderson movies and go around looking for references everywhere. Thank you!

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