Bigfoot Postcards

Sassy Sasquatch Sunday: March 6, 2022

Look at the va-va-voom on this Fabulous Queen of the Land and Sea. This Little Mermaid has a Biggie attitude. Betsy called her Hariel; a combination of Hairy Sasquatch and Ariel. This one who’s working to strike the pose can exist as a siren who lures sailors to their watery graves, and reign as the world hide-and-seek champion.

Postcard from Mermaids and Mailboxes called Sassymaid by KookyCanvas

Sasquatch Sunday: February 27, 2022

This is quite a Sasquatch Sunday. I’ve added several items to The World’s Largest Bigfoot Postcard Collection™ this week, including Pie Grande, the first postcard I have of Bigfoot named in Spanish. (Muchas gracias a Daniel por esta postal de Pie Grande desde Cancun, México.)

It’s funny, collecting Bigfoot cards started out as a lark. It was one of those things where I noticed I had a burgeoning selection of cards with that theme. Then that theme built and built and built. And now I have albums upon albums of Bigfoot postcards and ephemera. I’ve even made podcasts about Biggie, like this one with Jamo, and this one where I talk about my pocket-sized grandfather.

I’d say if you want to create a collection — or a theme of anything on postcards — start with a single card. And declare it so. Start looking. Noticing. Commenting on cards with your theme. And then one day you wake up and find yourself with what could be a world-class collection of postcards. As the saying goes: The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second-best time to plant a tree is today.

Have a Biggie day.

Pie Grande enjoys Cancun on this Chibi Gutierrez-designed card. (from Daniel)
That Amber Marimba stamp and hand cancellation make this one extra cool. Check out these kids playing marimba in Oaxaca, Mexico.
I think I need a carved Bigfoot in my office like they have in front of Pacific Crust Pizza Company. (from Rich)
Rich added this extra stamp on the back of this TouchNote card. Biggie and I both like pizza. Coincidence?
There’s Biggie playing peek-a-boo. Do you see him? (from The Lost Postcard Bandit)
The Lost Postcard Bandit cooked up this terrific #WhereIsBigfoot hashtag.
This is a postcard I bought from the Royal Canadian Mint that includes an actual coin encased in it.
Even Biggie takes selfies from above like his friends, the Kardashians.
The Missing Link
Bigfoot. Yeti. Sasquatch. They’re all family. (from Rachel)

Sasquatch Sunday: 30 January 2022

Didn’t think you could get rid of me that easily, did you? I’ll write more about my IG hiatus later, but for now, let’s celebrate another Sasquatch Sunday. First, let’s go ahead and look at Biggie and his crew as they sit on my side table on this snowy and sunny Sunday.

A Fuzzy and Happy Bunch

And today, thanks to Jen and Sue, I’m sporting these Sasquatch socks they secured in San Diego. (Yessssss to S alliteration.) Plus, they said they didn’t have a Biggie postcard in their collection, so they graciously added this fabulous John Bull steam locomotive maxicard. That made Biggie’s big feet swell three times their normal size. And that’s BIG.

Big Feet: Big Socks

And as a last installment today, do you ever think Biggie might have some roots in our shared past? Look at this Caveman statue Scott B. sent along. The statue is located in Oregon Caves National Monument.

Don’t mess with the Caveman or you get the stick

I’ve been compiling some stats on The World’s Largest Bigfoot Postcard Collection. I now have more than 3,000 cards. And I am lucky to expand the collection to include other items — like those socks! I’m superstitious, so I always look for items that I think bring me good luck. I’d say Sasquatch Socks fill that criterion. And I always feel lucky to get postcards and packages from people. Thanks so much.

And hi. As Horton heard the Whos say, “We are here. We are here.”

Episode 118: Searching for Bigfoot and Painting Postcards with Jamo

Jamo and I talked about Bigfoot. We went outside and looked for Bigfoot clues. Talked about Bigfoot sightings. And then Jamo created watercolor postcards of Biggie. The World’s Largest Bigfoot Postcard Collection just got bigger. So did my pride.

Jamo Paints Postcards
Jamo and Frank in Bigfoot Shirts
Finished Painting Biggie
Social Distancing Champion
Jamo Swinging High to Spot Bigfoot
We visited an antique sale. This Bigfoot sculpture was right in the front.

E61: How I Became the World’s Leading Collector of Bigfoot Postcards

Some stories just have to be told. This is one of those stories. I have the world’s largest collection of Bigfoot postcards. Here’s why.