Look at the va-va-voom on this Fabulous Queen of the Land and Sea. This Little Mermaid has a Biggie attitude. Betsy called her Hariel; a combination of Hairy Sasquatch and Ariel. This one who’s working to strike the pose can exist as a siren who lures sailors to their watery graves, and reign as the world hide-and-seek champion.

Postcard from Mermaids and Mailboxes called Sassymaid by KookyCanvas

7 comments on Sassy Sasquatch Sunday: March 6, 2022

  1. Ana says:

    This is a cool mash up!! He is working that green tail.

      1. Betsy says:

        Okay this mermaid is behind! Frank this is flipping awesome. Hariel is my favorite find so far! I love that excerpt ❤️

        1. Frank says:

          It’s such a cool card! Thank you for that…and that little excerpt seemed appropriate for this.

  2. Teresa Edmunds says:

    Love it! I wonder if mermaids would have been the hit and fantasy it is today if the original idea of a mermaid looked like this. 😉

    1. Frank says:

      Tess! Ha…I think the idea of mermaids luring sailors didn’t include hirsute mermaids of this variety. I think they would have sailed right by.

  3. Dave W says:

    well…. that escalated quickly!

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