Sasquatch Sunday: 30 January 2022

Didn’t think you could get rid of me that easily, did you? I’ll write more about my IG hiatus later, but for now, let’s celebrate another Sasquatch Sunday. First, let’s go ahead and look at Biggie and his crew as they sit on my side table on this snowy and sunny Sunday.

A Fuzzy and Happy Bunch

And today, thanks to Jen and Sue, I’m sporting these Sasquatch socks they secured in San Diego. (Yessssss to S alliteration.) Plus, they said they didn’t have a Biggie postcard in their collection, so they graciously added this fabulous John Bull steam locomotive maxicard. That made Biggie’s big feet swell three times their normal size. And that’s BIG.

Big Feet: Big Socks

And as a last installment today, do you ever think Biggie might have some roots in our shared past? Look at this Caveman statue Scott B. sent along. The statue is located in Oregon Caves National Monument.

Don’t mess with the Caveman or you get the stick

I’ve been compiling some stats on The World’s Largest Bigfoot Postcard Collection. I now have more than 3,000 cards. And I am lucky to expand the collection to include other items — like those socks! I’m superstitious, so I always look for items that I think bring me good luck. I’d say Sasquatch Socks fill that criterion. And I always feel lucky to get postcards and packages from people. Thanks so much.

And hi. As Horton heard the Whos say, “We are here. We are here.”

10 comments on Sasquatch Sunday: 30 January 2022

  1. Jennifer Gilman says:

    I’m so glad you like the socks, Frank!! I saw them randomly next to the register on one of my rare trips out into the world and they were a total impulse buy! They fairly screamed out your name, though – the second I saw them I knew you needed to own them. Sending you big smiles from San Diego! 🙂

    1. Frank says:

      Thanks so much for those socks, Jen. I’m smiling and wearing them this moment as I watch some afternoon football. I bet Biggie would be a heckuva player! Cheers from snowy Connecticut.

  2. Ana says:

    Hi!!!!! I love this new version of Sasquatch Sundays!
    What? 3000 Biggie postcards? Those socks are perfect for your weather. And yes, he is a relative of ours. I have no doubt.

    1. Frank says:

      This sure is a different approach — and I’m glad you like it. I like the freedom to write what I want and not wonder if IG is gonna show it to more than a small percentage of the people who follow me. This is more authentic. And I like it.

      1. Ana says:

        This is The Postcardist’s home! No better place than this.

  3. Orla Hegarty says:

    I got me some fine feminist socks and t-shirts from friends as an addendum to my growing feminist postcard and feminist postage stamp collection. I wear them on special outings. #PostcardsDressPeople

    1. Frank says:

      Haha. I snorted on #PostcardsDressPeople. And how about that — we have postcard collections that advance our wardrobes. Glad I don’t collect chaps postcards. Don’t think I’d style chaps that well.

  4. Teresa Edmunds says:

    Wonderful additions to your collection! And I still thank you should publish a Big Foot book. I would buy it.

    1. Frank says:

      Wouldn’t that be cute to create a little chap book about Bigfoot? Maybe with my newfound time I’d have the creative energy to do that You’ll definitely get a copy!

      1. Teresa Edmunds says:

        I’ll look forward to it

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