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E17: Erick Sahler Serigraphs

In this week’s episode, I talk to the graphic artist Erick Sahler, whose art many of you recognize from postcards I’ve...

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E16: Frank Warren of PostSecret

This is a special snapshot of who we were in the world for a very specific moment in time. –Frank Warren...

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E15: The Postcard Serial Killer

Imagine a serial killer who taunted his victims’ families and the police with postcards he wrote. In this episode, I interview...

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E14: Mini Episode 1

This week’s episode is a look back at the first 13 episodes of Postcardist, including show stats and some thoughts about...

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E13: Postcards from Kate

Postcards from Kate is a nonpartisan project that encourages people to write postcards to politicians, journalists, and influencers to encourage positive...

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E12: Postcardist Master Class

Here’s a Postcardist Master Class. I was lucky enough to interview Mark Routh, who is a well-known postcard collector in the...

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Frank Roche

Your host of the Postcardist podcast. holding a fish skeleton. Perhaps this would be a better picture if I was at the microphone. I'll work on that.

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Erick Sahler

Frank Warren

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