Month: November 2019

Episode 69: Postcard Hunting on an Epic Road Trip

What does a Postcardist do on a 2,762-mile road trip? Stop and look for postcards, of course. This show was recorded on highways of the United States, from Connecticut to Minnesota. And it chronicles how Steven Roche (E44) and I stopped at nine Cracker Barrel stores searching for Lantern Press postcards. We also visited Niagara Falls, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Notre Dame University. Did we buy postcards? You bet we did. And we talk about that, too.

Steve Roche and Frank Roche at Niagara Falls
Steve Roche and Frank Roche at “The Bean” in Chicago in October 2019
Lantern Press Postcards from Cracker Barrel
More Lantern Press Postcards from the Trip