Month: November 2021

Episode 121: Postmarks and Scuff Marks and More Remarks

In which I talk about a cancellation that drove me crazy; and ask why so many postcards I send and receive have scuff marks; and then I ask for some audience partici……PATION.

Why can’t the USPS get this spray cancellation right?
Why are postcards scuffed so often?
Found in supposedly empty equipment

Episode 120: Liz Maguire from Flea Market Love Letters

Assorted 1910s letter set from Flea Market Love Letters

Have you ever read a vintage love letter and wondered about the story? Liz Maguire certainly did. And from her first acquisition as a teenager of a set of vintage love letters from a flea market, Liz converted her love of letter writing and history into curation of a huge collection at Flea Market Love Letters.

In addition to the collection and transcription of her collection, Liz also uses letter writing to raise funds for charities. In this show, Liz tells us about her collection that includes letters ranging from the 1870s to the 1950s.


Flea Market Love Letters website

Flea Market Love Letters on Instagram

Write More Letters Project

Liz Maguire of Flea Market Love Letters

Episode 119: Rachel Wentworth and Her Little Free Mailbox

There are positive ripples that can get sent into the universe — and that’s what Rachel Wentworth, the steward of the Little Free Mailbox, is doing as she sets out stamped postcards and letters for passersby to take for free. Here’s her story about opening the Little Free Mailbox on World Postcard Day and how it’s gone so far. This one brings a lot of joy to our postcard community; and it once again shows us that postcards connect people.

You can find the Little Free Mailbox on Instagram. 

Rachel’s IG is rachelannwentworth