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E2: The Postcard Love Story of Emil and Bell

The Postcard Love Story of Emil and Bell is now available. Click here to listen. You can also find the show by clicking on iTunes, Google Play Music and on Spotify by searching for “Postcardist.” If you’d do me a favor, would you please rate the show once you have a chance to hear it? Thanks so much.

In the show, I talk about a series of 31 postcards from 1909 to 1912 between two people in the throes of romance. Here are the cards:

E1: Getting Started

There’s always a first show. This is the kickoff for the Postcardist podcast.

Cade’s Cove

A postcard from the Great Smokey Mountains

Pretty Halloween Postcard

Look at that beautiful Jasmie Becket-Griffith card.

Love in a Sausage

One of the great unexplained mysteries of 1909. Why are two Dutch kids in this Valentine’s card with a Love in a Sausage line?

Victorian Cat

Got this one as a gift from a set of postcards I bought from Poland. The art is exquisite.

Big Eyes and Butterflies

These beautiful outgoing cards are by Camilla d’Errico. I’m obsessed with big-eye art these days. More to come.

Passive-Aggressive Postcards: Friends in Low Places

August 31, 1912
Mont Blanc
To: An Entire City Block
From: Jane and Fred

Entering the Champs [illegible]. Views beautiful. High spirits. Low cash.