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E23: The Postcardist’s Wife

Image: The working desk at Postcardist studios. A pile of postcards here. A stack of postcards there. A wax seal. A...

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E22: Greetings from Karen Commins

I got a Greetings from Karen Commins postcard in the mail and I was fascinated. Here was a new take on...

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E21: Pretty Places and Postcards

Postcardist has been out of the studio lately. In this episode, I interview my friend Jessica Mand — writer, photographer, and...

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E20: Postcard Writing Station at Hotel Palomar

We all like getting postcards. And the Kimpton Hotel Palomar has made it easy for guests to write and send postcards...

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E19: Postcards from a Bistro

The creativity of the bistro culture worked in 1920s Paris, and it works in present day in Philadelphia. Postcardist host Frank...

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E18: Master Class 2 with Mark Routh

Mark Routh joins me once again to conduct another postcard collecting master class where we cover the spectrum from the recent...

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Frank Roche

Your host of the Postcardist podcast. holding a fish skeleton. Perhaps this would be a better picture if I was at the microphone. I'll work on that.

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