Postcardist Episode 12: Postcardist Master Class

Here’s a Postcardist Master Class.

I was lucky enough to interview Mark Routh, who is a well-known postcard collector in the UK. Mark collects cards and studies the history of postcards. Plus, he’s written a monthly column for more than 25 years in the very highly regarded Picture Postcard Monthly.

You can find Mark’s website here.

Here’s a sequence of what Mark covered in this Postcardist Master Class:

  • Victorian era of postcards….very early start of postcard history
  • Anything that happened in 1890s on were photographed..photographer would take a photo and less than 24 hours images were printed on postcards
  • How often were postcards delivered in early 1900s; it was our mobile phones the time
  • Where people bought postcards back in the day
  • WWI battle photograph postcards; printing postcards in Germany
  • Most common postcards coming from France to England in WWI were of bombed out towns
  • The Great War postcards
  • Cachets on cards…censor cachets in WWI
  • Titanic postcards
  • Postcard fairs
  • More on the Titanic
  • Display boards
  • Dr. Who postcards
  • Collecting postcards around television
  • Even more on Titanic
  • Do people insure postcards?
  • First and last postcard Mark collected
  • Falklands War…Mark wrote a book
  • The very first postcard
  • How to archive postcards

Postcardist Master Class

This show is a master class on postcard collecting. In this interview with Mark Routh, we cover topics from the collecting of postcards about the Titanic, the bombing of cities during World War I, and Dr. Who.  Mark Routh, is a well-known postcard collector in the UK, who collects and studies the history of postcards.


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Music in this episode:

Ragtime Dance by Scott Joplin, licensed under a Creative Commons Public Domain Mark 1.0 License. Music sourced from Free Music Archive.

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