E12: Postcardist Master Class

Here’s a Postcardist Master Class.

I was lucky enough to interview Mark Routh, who is a well-known postcard collector in the UK. Mark collects cards and studies the history of postcards. Plus, he’s written a monthly column for more than 25 years in the very highly regarded Picture Postcard Monthly.

You can find Mark’s website here.

Here’s a sequence of what Mark covered in this Postcardist Master Class:

  • Victorian era of postcards….very early start of postcard history
  • Anything that happened in 1890s on were photographed..photographer would take a photo and less than 24 hours images were printed on postcards
  • How often were postcards delivered in early 1900s; it was our mobile phones the time
  • Where people bought postcards back in the day
  • WWI battle photograph postcards; printing postcards in Germany
  • Most common postcards coming from France to England in WWI were of bombed out towns
  • The Great War postcards
  • Cachets on cards…censor cachets in WWI
  • Titanic postcards
  • Postcard fairs
  • More on the Titanic
  • Display boards
  • Dr. Who postcards
  • Collecting postcards around television
  • Even more on Titanic
  • Do people insure postcards?
  • First and last postcard Mark collected
  • Falklands War…Mark wrote a book
  • The very first postcard
  • How to archive postcards


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Music in this episode:

Ragtime Dance by Scott Joplin, licensed under a Creative Commons Public Domain Mark 1.0 License. Music sourced from Free Music Archive.

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