E20: Postcard Writing Station at Hotel Palomar

We all like getting postcards. And the Kimpton Hotel Palomar has made it easy for guests to write and send postcards from their hotel. In this episode, I interview Jessica Bishop, PR Director for Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants in the Northeast, at the Palomar in Philadelphia. Jessica talks about the idea for the postcard writing station, how much the guests have enjoyed the human connection of writing a postcard, and tells about her own fascination with handwritten mail.

Check out these really great custom postcards Jessica talks about in the podcast. (And for those of you who listened to the show, there’s a little prize inside. Kinda like Cracker Jack…only better.)

At the end of the show, I ask for a little help with an idea I have about postcards and how we could help people. I’d really like to hear from you. And if you’d like to be part of our working group, please let me know.

E19: Postcards from a Bistro

The creativity of the bistro culture worked in 1920s Paris, and it works in present day in Philadelphia. Postcardist host Frank Roche is joined at Parc Bistro by filmmaker Justine Burt. They talk about the hand-drawn postcard Justine creates while they’re eating dinner, how to send chain postcards, and offer observations about a guy who rides by on a bicycle with a ferret on his back.

Justine talks about this doodle postcard in the episode.

E18: Master Class 2 with Mark Routh

Mark Routh joins me once again to conduct another postcard collecting master class where we cover the spectrum from the recent royal wedding to postcard design to QSL cards used in ham radio operations to the Titanic to postcard design to Doctor Who to postcards made by terrorist organizations. Yes, you heard me right…Mark gives us a lesson in the history of those cards and a perspective on collecting them.

You can find Mark’s work at Mark’s Postcard Chat and his monthly column is in Picture Postcard Monthly.

Also, I mention Chloe McHenry’s Etsy work. You remember Chloe from Episode 11. You can find her Etsy page at ParcelTonguePaperCo. Please go have a look. And if you’re inspired, buy one of her cool collages. Here’s an example:

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E17: Erick Sahler Serigraphs

In this week’s episode, I talk to the graphic artist Erick Sahler, whose art many of you recognize from postcards I’ve posted on the Postcardist Instagram page.

Erick creates large format serigraphs (you’ll have to listen to the show to hear about the definition) in a very compelling style. That “We Build Ships” postcard is hanging in Position #1 right now.

You can find Erick’s work at ericksahler.com. And if you’re looking to buy postcards, you can click here. But I’d say spend some time on his site. And send him a note if you enjoyed hearing him on Postcardist. It’s really nice of an artist to take time of the day to talk about his creative process; and I told him we are lucky enough to have his designs on postcards. Also, Erick is doing a one-man show the entire month of June at Candleberry Gallery in St. Michaels. Click here for details on a meet-the-artist day on June 9.


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E16: Frank Warren of PostSecret

This is a special snapshot of who we were in the world for a very specific moment in time.
–Frank Warren of PostSecret, talking about sending postcards in this episode of Postcardist.

In this special episode of the Postcardist podcast, I interview Frank Warren of PostSecret, “an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard.” We talk about Frank’s early start with postcards, the million+ cards he’s received and read, and the connections postcards make in the world.

You can see new PostSecrets every Sunday on the site. And you can see Frank’s TED Talk here. The San Diego Museum of Man exhibit we talk about in the show is here. And Frank has written six best-selling books.

And if you want to send a postcard to PostSecret, here’s the address:

This is a show you’ll want to listen to more than once. Thanks so much to Frank Warren for being on the show.


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E15: The Postcard Serial Killer

Imagine a serial killer who taunted his victims’ families and the police with postcards he wrote. In this episode, I interview Vance McLaughlin PhD, who wrote the book The Postcard Serial Killer.

The podcast runs the gamut from describing the story of horrific murders that took place more than 100 years ago to the psychological manipulator who wrote postcards about the murders.

WARNING: There is some graphic content described in the show about the abuse and murder of young boys. I set a trigger warning in the show for those who may be disturbed by the material.


E14: Mini Episode 1

This week’s episode is a look back at the first 13 episodes of Postcardist, including show stats and some thoughts about growing the audience. I also talk about a postcard tacker I created and an idea for a postcard club? Want in? Send an email to postcardist@gmail.com.

E13: Postcards from Kate

Postcards from Kate is a nonpartisan project that encourages people to write postcards to politicians, journalists, and influencers to encourage positive social change. In this episode, interview the founders of Postcards from Kate, Amelia West and Melissa Smith, about how they got inspired to use postcards by their grandfather, how they find positive stories, and how they rally people to write postcards to people who have made a difference.


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E12: Postcardist Master Class

Here’s a Postcardist Master Class.

I was lucky enough to interview Mark Routh, who is a well-known postcard collector in the UK. Mark collects cards and studies the history of postcards. Plus, he’s written a monthly column for more than 25 years in the very highly regarded Picture Postcard Monthly.

You can find Mark’s website here.

Here’s a sequence of what Mark covered in this Postcardist Master Class:

  • Victorian era of postcards….very early start of postcard history
  • Anything that happened in 1890s on were photographed..photographer would take a photo and less than 24 hours images were printed on postcards
  • How often were postcards delivered in early 1900s; it was our mobile phones the time
  • Where people bought postcards back in the day
  • WWI battle photograph postcards; printing postcards in Germany
  • Most common postcards coming from France to England in WWI were of bombed out towns
  • The Great War postcards
  • Cachets on cards…censor cachets in WWI
  • Titanic postcards
  • Postcard fairs
  • More on the Titanic
  • Display boards
  • Dr. Who postcards
  • Collecting postcards around television
  • Even more on Titanic
  • Do people insure postcards?
  • First and last postcard Mark collected
  • Falklands War…Mark wrote a book
  • The very first postcard
  • How to archive postcards


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E11: Mail Artist Chloe McHenry

See that collage above? That’s an example of the terrific work that the mail artist, Chloe McHenry, creates. You can find her work on Instagram (parcel.tongue) by clicking on the image below:

Chloe McHenry (@parcel.tongue) * Instagram photos and videos

1,315 Followers, 352 Following, 57 Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from Chloe McHenry (@parcel.tongue)

I’m endlessly fascinated with artists and creatives. And in this instance on the podcast, I talk with Chloe about how she started creating mail art, her experiences with being a penpal on Reddit, and how she pays attention to details that end up in her art.

That detail was in proof when I was lucky enough to get postcard art from Chloe. You’ll hear us talk about this postcard and how there are layered details in this postcard that featured the Zodiac Killer on the front.

Hey, did you listen for the word of the day on the Postcardist podcast?



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Ragtime Dance by Scott Joplin, licensed under a Creative Commons Public Domain Mark 1.0 License. Music sourced from Free Music Archive.