E21: Pretty Places and Postcards

Postcardist has been out of the studio lately. In this episode, I interview my friend Jessica Mand — writer, photographer, and itinerant traveler. We do this interview in two locations — at a French brasserie to start, with all the clanking plates and music playing in the background; then we transition a couple days later to a bench outside a coffee shop. Both places had lots of noise, but Jess makes it worthwhile in her descriptions of Iceland, her discovery of the prettiest postcard in Hawaii, and  she keeps us guessing about the best restaurant on Nantucket.

This show is once again in the style of two friends chatting about postcards. Here is a photo of the postcard from Hawaii that Jess talks about in the show:


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3 comments on E21: Pretty Places and Postcards

  1. Carmelita says:

    Wow, what a beautiful postcard! I love the idea of turning my favorite photos into postcards and have used a couple methods. The easiest is Moo.com. Go to the site and look for their Postcards product. You can choose from their designs or upload your own. When you design your own you can upload one image or many. I think the smallest order is 25 cards. They have choices for back designs but none of them work for me because I think their target audience is business marketers, so I leave the back blank. They come out really beautifully and are of good quality.

    The other method I used is old school from decades ago. I had the photos printed to 4×6. Then I used a rubber cement technique for mounting the photos to plain manila file folders. You spread the thinnest layer of rubber cement on the back of the photo and also on the manila folder. Let dry. Once dry, very carefully place the two rubber cement sides together. Trim the edges with a paper cutter. The folder makes a perfect sturdy backing to the photo and it’s now postcard weight. This rubber cement dry mount method is a great secure seal. And if you get any rubber cement where you don’t want it, you can rub it away when dry.

    Frank, would you mind sharing these ideas with Jessica too? Thanks for another great episode.

    1. Frank says:

      Really terrific ideas…yes, I’ll share with Jess…and thank you so much!

    2. Frank says:

      Absolutely…thank you!

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