E22: Greetings from Karen Commins

I got a Greetings from Karen Commins postcard in the mail and I was fascinated. Here was a new take on postcards: a voiceover artist who uses postcards to market her services. And I was lucky enough to have a conversation about that. But it didn’t end there. Karen, first and foremost, is a storyteller. And what great stories. You can hear about how she:

  • Named a helicopter her class bought with S&H Green Stamps for the local police department
  • Had her first stint on TV — in 5th grade — after writing a winning essay
  • Contacted the biggest name in voiceover work when she was getting started…and Frank Muller wrote back with advice
  • Used Barry Manilow’s birthday as a postcard marketing event
  • Recommends using a return address on postcards
  • Answers the question if Nellie Bly sent postcards in her race around the world that started in 1889
  • Offers a free audio book about Nellie Bly to the first five Postcardist listeners who write here at karen@karencommins.com
  • Sent me down a rabbit hole for stereo viewer cards…yikes!

Thanks so much for being on the Postcardist podcast, Karen!







2 comments on E22: Greetings from Karen Commins

  1. Hi, Frank! I love your show as you always share such fresh and unexpected news and twists about postcards. I was and am thrilled that you invited me to be a guest!

    It was an absolute joy to speak with you! Your passion for postcards shines through in every sentence, and your enthusiasm for and interest in your guests immediately sets them at ease. I also greatly appreciate your generosity of time. It felt like we were just getting started, and I think we could’ve have talked all afternoon!

    Thank you again for having me on the show, and best wishes for continued health, prosperity, and success!

    PS. Look for another piece of snail mail from me in the near future!

    Karen Commins

    1. Frank says:

      Oh, Karen, first, I’m sorry about the delay here…the comments are buried on the site.

      You were so terrific…and I feel buoyed by the chance to chat with you. I love your energy and enthusiasm. Thanks so much!

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