E30: Postcards to My Brother

Frank Roche is joined by illustrator Jack McKean, whose Instagram site Postcards to My Brother, documents his quotidian activities with drawings on postcards. Jack talks about his inspiration for the project, how he’s kept going daily for more than a year and a half, and where he gets creative energy.

The key question in this episode: How do you define the front and back of a postcard? It’s not an existential question. If you’re an illustrator and draw on the “back,” does that make the back the front?



2 comments on E30: Postcards to My Brother

  1. Teresa says:

    This was a very enjoyable podcast. I would’ve like to hear more from Jack. I will have to go check out his Instagram and website to learn more. I hope it becomes a book

    1. Frank says:

      Jack is a really good guy — and a talented artist. He’s still drawing a postcard a day.

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