E41: Hauntings and Halloween Postcards

It’s the Halloween episode, and you’re in for a trick…and treat. This week Frank Roche is joined by four talented artists, each of whom created an original Halloween postcard especially for the show. Plus, each of the artists tells a very spooky story. This is a special show on The Postcardist Podcast — one you’ve not heard before.

First up is the artist Beverleyann Wilson. Here’s the beautiful witch she created on a postcard.

Next, we have an Edward Gorey-inspired demon holding an umbrella by the artist and communication strategist, Jessica Mand.

Kitty, from Postcards from the Edge, is an extraordinary photographer who created this spooky postcard from a photo she took of a house she walks by every day. 

And finally, we have the filmmaker and artist, Justine Burt, who created a compelling graveyard scene on a postcard.

I talk about a contest we created to get a signed set of postcards from these talented artists. Short answer: Subscribe to The Postcardist Podcast. Rate the show and leave a review. Then let me know. I’ll put your name in a hat. And three lucky people will win a set of these fabulous cards.


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5 comments on E41: Hauntings and Halloween Postcards

  1. Gitti Tagwerk says:

    Such an entertaining show with really scary stories and also big laughs. Time to go to work, thank you for the good start to the day.

    1. Frank says:

      Thank you, Gitti. Scary stories and laughs. Quite a combination.

    2. Frank says:

      Thank you…I loved the spooky stories.

  2. fiona austin says:

    Another great episode, Frank… listening to Kitty’s story, I was transported to back to when I was 16, having snuck into a cinema to watch “the Shining” and now I’ve added abandoned old schools/hospices to places I will never visit!
    I can hear an episode in the making of individuals reading your story in continuous segments…..

    1. Frank says:

      Oh….should I have had all the spooky stories grouped together? I thought about two approaches…hmmmm…glad you liked the episode..I have to say it was a lot of fun to make. And what talent I got to work with!

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