E43: Evan Kalish of Postlandia Visited 9,200 Post Offices

This week, host Frank Roche interviews Evan Kalish of Postlandia. Evan has visited and photographed more than 9,200 United States post offices in all 50 states. Frank and Evan talk about the origin of the project, collecting postmarks, and how to get postcards through the mail system in the best condition possible.

Topics discussed:


Post Mark Collectors Club

Where to get Evan’s post office calendar

Lee Friedlander

Crazy Horse Memorial

Recluse, Wyoming

York International Postcard Expo

Art on a Postcard

How to win a chance to get the prize of Evan’s 2019 post office calendar. One, like my Instagram post from November 12, 2018 featuring a post office Evan sent me. leave a comment tagging one other person you think might like the show. Then, on Wednesday I’ll take all the names that are in the comments, mix them up in a hat, and draw the winner….I’l show that in an Instagram story.

8 comments on E43: Evan Kalish of Postlandia Visited 9,200 Post Offices

  1. Susan Kalish says:

    This is a brilliant interview! Informative and well constructed! Kudos!

    1. Frank says:

      Really terrific, wasn’t he?

      1. Sue says:

        Of course! That’s my super son!! 🙂

        1. Frank says:

          You did well, mom.

  2. Cynthia says:

    Wonderful interview! Engaging & important! Not to be missed! Evan’s passion is communicable to all of us!

    1. Frank says:

      Love that level of passion and follow through.

  3. Diane says:

    Amazing!!! Keep on the great work, this is very interesting.

    1. Frank says:

      Thank you. Quite a set of research Evan did…and the great storytelling.

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