E46: Mailbox Memories with Ashli Ahrens

Ashli Ahrens creates connections with postcards, both as a postcard dealer and as a collector. And host Frank Roche was fortunate to talk to Ashli about how she started collecting postcards; her transition into being a postcard dealer; and how she creates positive ripples in the postcard world.

You can find Ashli on Instagram as @mailboxmemories

Her physical shop can be found in Little Rock, Arkansas, at South Main Creative.

And on her personal Instagram site as @ashcanandwill.

And you can check out The Postcardist Podcast wherever you get your podcasts. And at ThePostcardist.com

Ashli talks about her family’s holiday tradition of using vintage postcards as displays

One comment on “E46: Mailbox Memories with Ashli Ahrens

  1. Mary Grace Smith says:

    Hi Ashli, this is Mary Grace. Formerly with Game and Fish Commission. I just read the article about Pat Pitcock,s valentines. I just loved her! She was appointed to the Commission when I was chief of HR so we had a lot of interactions. I was just reading about your love of postcards. I have probably 100s from my mothers house, I separated and wanted to sell but haven’t pursued. Please let me know if you would like to come look at them.

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