E49: Shannon McCormick of Take a Hike Podcast

Fire walk with me. No, wait, that’s something different. How about take a hike with me and Shannon McCormick, the creator and host of the highly acclaimed Take a Hike Podcast. But we didn’t talk about hiking. We talked about odd and provocative postcards, the Postcardist Short Story Experiment, and creating connections with postcards.

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7 comments on E49: Shannon McCormick of Take a Hike Podcast

  1. Frank and Shannon together again! This podcast is fun! I was laughing outloud at the fingernail decorating image! Shannon, you are too funny. Loved hearing you both. Please make another one soon.

    1. Frank says:

      Finger puppets and fingernail decorating. That made me laugh. So happy to have Shannon in the studio!

    2. Frank had me cracking up so hard, persisting the theme between his episodes. Two people having fun and connecting over the connections we make with others. Thanks for listening, Diane. I’m just excited as you are about seeing Frank’s new manicures featured on his page 😛

      1. Frank says:

        :::::searches fingernail designs for postcardists:::::

  2. Nikki says:

    This is amazing! I’m learning so much about postcards. Who knew? Apparently everyone but me! Thanks for the shoutout. 🙂

    1. Frank says:

      Hi Nikki…ha! Of course we love JTims…and postcards…this was our intersection. Haha. Thanks much for listening!

    2. Hey Nikki! You are more than deserving of a shoutout. Thanks for all that you do to make us feel special — I hope we could return the feeling 🙂

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