We’re at Episode 50. Oh, oh, we’re halfway there…oh, oh, livin’ on a prayer. Or at least a postcard. In this episode, I talk about a postcard auction I’m watching; talk some more about penpals and joy; and then talk about ideas. Yep, I’m asking you for ideas. Who should be on the show? What do you want to hear? I’m crowdsourcing ideas. And you can write me on postcardist@gmail.com.

Fifty down. And fifty more to go until we’re at a century. So far, so good.


Tom Hanks

Sara McNally, the Snail Mail Superstar

Mark Routh of Mark’s Postcard Chat

Shannon McCormick of Take a Hike Podcast

Magda Wojcicka of Stamp and Away

Gitti of Gitti’s Collection

One comment on “E50: Halfway There

  1. fiona austin says:

    Would love to hear your podcast playlist! I’ve just finished Serial.. all of the episodes. I did like series 3 the best .

    I don’t mind if I get cards or not! But I do enjoy the fun of keeking behind the door to see if there’s something there! I like the I’m going to send “this” card to “that” person because it fits!

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