E52: Postcard Perspectives with Pop Surrealist Camilla d’Errico

Camilla d’Errico joins me this week on Episode 52 ( a year’s worth of shows!) to talk about her pop surrealist art, her love of postcards, and her creative life.

I became fascinated with Camilla’s art a couple years ago when I got a pack of postcards that featured her very compelling manga-style art. And that morphed into more and more fascination with her art and her energy.

I’m always dazzled to talk to people who are at the top of their field. To hear their origin story…and their drive to continue to deliver on their artistic gift. And when they’re as kind and generous as Camilla is…that’s a good day. 

I think you’ll really enjoy the show. A special hello to the legions of Camilla’s dedicated fans who I know will listen to this show. Thanks very much for listening. And don’t forget to send Camilla postcards. She likes those in her mailbox.

Drawlloween Postcard Set

Here are some links and resources we discussed on the show:

Camilla’s website

Camilla’s Patreon page (I’m in her Postcard Club)

Camilla’s Etsy store

As a little bonus for reading down this far, rate the podcast and leave me a comment saying you did. And I’ll throw your name in a hat to win Camilla’s book Pop Painting: Inspiration and Techniques from the Pop Surrealism Art Phenomenon.



Postcard set that started it for me.


Camilla d’Errico

Note: All images in this post are copyright Camilla d’Errico and are placed in this post for editorial purposes only.

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10 comments on E52: Postcard Perspectives with Pop Surrealist Camilla d’Errico

  1. Beverleyann Wilson says:

    Such a wonderful episode, it’s such a please to get to hear from an artist as a person and not just a machine.

    1. Frank says:

      She is so talented…and so inspiring.

  2. Tasha Zimich says:

    Such a fun listen! I could have listened for another hour, easily, the whole episode just flew by and I got some real chuckles out of how authentically fun Camilla’s thoughts and stories are.

    1. Frank says:

      It’s so great to talk with such a talented artist and have her share her joy. Camilla is so inspiring. And I think I’ll listen to the show again myself. Haha.

  3. Camilla’s art is amazing! I love it.

    1. Frank says:

      I’m absolutely love her work!

  4. Rachel Bailey says:

    I have a few of her pieces that inspire me to stay whimsical throughout my day. Forgive me, but where exactly do we rate the podcast?

    1. Frank says:

      They do make us happy! Re: Rate the show…on your podcast player…there should be a star rating. Thank you for listening!


    I am lucky enough to own several of her smaller pieces including four original “buzzbutt” paintings. She is such a lovely
    person and I really enjoyed listening to your interview with her!

    1. Frank says:

      Lucky is right…her work is so very nice. And I love the fuzzbutts!

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