E53: Postcard Short Story Experiment – The Results

I sent 147 postcards in the first two weeks of January. The same postcard titled 1967: A Memoir. I had written a short story that was 3,534 words long and 147 paragraphs. So, what would any writer do? Sit down one night with a list of recipients and a random number generator…and get writing.

This show is my observations about what happened. Peoples’ reactions about everything from my handwriting to the stamps to the story. It’s about how much ambiguity people can handle. And it’s about engaging in a story in a deep way. A special shoutout goes to Diane C., who watched the story unfold over the weeks of January and assembled it in order from its misbegotten roots.

And after the results, you’ll hear me narrate Frankie Got Shot. Just another little experiment on The Postcardist Podcast.

Coming up in February are Jack Zipes, the author of Tales of Wonder: Retelling Fairy Tales Through PicturePostcards; Heidi Belinsky from Max & Co Post; and Sissy Cross from Lone Star Letter Writers. Plus…I might just have a little bonus episode coming up for you midweek this week.

Thanks a bunch for listening to the show.

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  1. Wonderful! Such a treat to have this fascinating story narrated by the Author himself! Leaves us yearning for more – what is Frankie’s fate?

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