E57: Sissy Cross of Lone Star Letter Writers

The clack of a typewriter. The flow of a pen across paper. The fact someone thought about you while they wrote you a real piece of mail. That’s what Sissy Cross and I talked about one Saturday morning recently. Sissy is the founder and creator of the Lone Star Letter Writers group, which meets once a month in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas to create written correspondence.

In this episode, Sissy tells us about how she created Lone Star Letter Writers, how she views written communication, what kind of pen she uses when she writes, and how she tracks her writing data (you have to listen to that part!). And we talk about neuroscience. Yep, Sissy is a neuroscientist by day and a Lone Star Letter Writer by night. Sounds like the makings of a comic book hero to me.

Here’s a list of topics we cover on in the show:

Cool ideas and Clubs: Lone Star Letter WritersAustin Typewriter, Ink; ATI: The Podcast; Egg Press — Write On

Writing Instruments: Standard Issue Supplies Pens; Blackwing Pencils; Olympia SM-9 typewriter

Books: Dear Data by Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec; Bad Blood by John Carreyrou

People: Sara; Diane; Russ

Oh…and neuroscience


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