E59: The Snail’s Mail Postcard Shop with Jess Davis

Postcards for People Who Love Postcards. That’s the tagline of Jess Davis’s new online postcard store, The Snail’s Mail.

And in this show, it’s proof — once again — of the idea that postcards connect people. I connected with Jess in Episode 51, where we talked about the imminent launch of her online postcard store. Well…that moment came…and so as I mentioned on that initial show, I invited Jess back to talk about how the launch has gone and how she sees the postcard business in the near future.

But even before Episode 51, I connected to Jess last August through Postcards from the Edge, when I interviewed Kitty on Episodes 28 and 29. It’s all a big network of postcard enthusiasts, and I was fascinated to connect with someone all the way in New Zealand.

And I continue my fascination. Here we are in 2019…and Jess decided to spin up an online store to sell postcards. And that, my friends, gives me hope for postcards. The connections we make through postcards last…and the art on them can last a long time.

You know, part of the connection with postcards is that we get to know people. And if they have pets, we get to know them, too. This conversation starts in the middle of something I love about her Instagram site…photos of her Black Lab – Betty. I commented about how much I liked a picture she posted of Betty wearing a flower garland.

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