These are trying times. And with the onset of Covid Summer, where we really can’t travel anywhere, my guest Amina McCain decided to do something about that. To create connections. And that’s where Amina’s Pen Pal Club originated.

In this show, I talk with Amina about creating her pen pal club, writing plays and monologues, acting in musicals, and drawing sketches for her original fashion designs. 

All this at age 13. Yes, Amina is a teenager. And an accomplished one. 

The essence of this show is that every creative endeavor starts with the word. And that is especially true with postcard and letter writing. So, tune in and be inspired.

4 comments on E79: Amina McCain’s Pen Pal Club

  1. Paula Botero says:

    Such an intelligent young woman, in times like this it gets hard to create content, Amina just brought me back in time to remind me the importance of using other alternative ways to communicate and interact with the world, I use to love writing letters to love ones because I could create positive, loving and meaningful messages to uplift them, overtime I detached myself from writing, Amina mention how a small idea can actually grow as you work on your craft and using your sources, it really motivated me. Thank you.

    1. Frank says:

      It’s amazing how an idea grows when a person sees it through. I am absolutely dazzled by Amina — from her initial contact through the show recording…and beyond.

  2. Mairead O'Driscoll says:

    Absolutely wonderful. Well done Amina. Ane wonderfully interviewed by the Postcardist! I enjoyed this podcast so much.
    Amina is my cousin’s daughter. I am from Ireland and her mom Karen is from the USA . We spent Summers together and were the best of friends. I still have so many of her letters from over 30 years ago … the only way we could communicate in between seeing each other every Summer!! Hard to imagine now!
    Aslo btw written in pen – NO SMUDGES LOL.
    I guess i am from that era… Handwritten letters are now so special and were just so normal! It is amazing to read the letters i saved from my teens… friends sharing “news” . Imagine having to wait for the post to get there and back to you for their replies!! And i don’t feel OLD!
    PS Postcardist – I can get you those postcards if you like !!!
    Love from the Emerald Isle X

    1. Frank says:

      What a show — all because of Amina. She has so much talent…and that includes being a great guest on a podcast.

      So…small world. And it reinforces my thought that letters and postcards get kept.

      Oh my about securing those postcards…I was to fly back just to go to Blarney Woolen Mills just to get those postcards! Ha! We just might need to talk. So very kind of you. And what a terrific family you have.

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