October 1, 2020 is World Postcard Day. I asked Postcrossers to leave voice messages about what they’ll be doing to celebrate. And 20 people answered the call from around the world — from New Zealand, India, Philippines, Greece, Ireland, England, Canada and the United States. This is what they said.

Special thanks to Ana from Postcrossing for adding what they’re doing at HQ on such a special day. #postcardrevolution2020

Here’s who was on the show:

Ana Campos of Postcrossing


Samantha of Princess in a Teapot

Kerri B of Letters to Kerri

Shannon of Ask Pen


Magda of Travel Trinkets Canada

Bronagh Rafferty

BonnieJean of Post Muse

Wendy of Art Prevails

Shannon McCormick

Bhumika Israni of Bhumika Snailmail

Jim Lynch

Best Wishes Eric

Anushka Sawarkar of Anushka’s Postcards

Ed Popcheff

Harshikha of Harshi’s Postcards

Anita of Postcards & Authors

Ateev Juneja

5 comments on E90: World Postcard Day

  1. Jyoti says:

    It was absolutely wonderful to listen to the podcast on World Postcard Day . It motivated me to write postcards, especially using the different prompts.
    Thanks again

    1. Frank says:

      Those writing prompts by Anushka were really helpful to me today. Thank you for listening to the show.

  2. I especially enjoyed how Magda upped your postcard game today LOL. And the postcard writing tips from Anushka are great!

    1. Frank says:

      Wow…what a shift she put on me!

  3. Wow, thanks for the show. In the interview from 17:56 can i have the complete list. Where can i find. Because I always struggle in writing postcards. And did not get the name of the person you interviews from INDIA.

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