I’m stuck. I’m in a postcard writing rut. I made a show about it.

Where the Postcard Writing Isn’t Happening

5 comments on E99: In a Postcard Rut

  1. Jessica Mand says:

    I’ve missed your voice! This was a great epi … and I love how real you are. I can’t wait for epi 100!

    1. Frank says:

      Thank you, Jessie. Glad to be back at it. Onto 100!

  2. Antonella says:

    Interesting episode! Thanks for sharing your ups & downs Frank!
    Who has never felt stuck?!
    It has happened to me as well. We just need breaks some and then from postcard & letter writing after which all of a sudden that heavy sense of “satiety” goes away and we resume this hobby and passion with new energy and enthusiasm.
    I think it’s a natural process of “death ” and “rebirth”.

    Well done for your 99 shows!!! Can’t wait to listen to the 100th!

  3. Jen says:

    I love the honesty in this episode. I know that, speaking only for myself, there have been times in my life when I have been going through some hard times (stress, job, relationship, etc.) and the pressure started manifesting itself in my hobbies, like sending postcards. I noticed the messages in my cards stopped being upbeat. I sent some cards out of routine instead of passion. At one point, I felt pretty apathetic toward what I was doing. And, for a period, I stopped altogether. With a year like we had in 2020, I’m willing to bet there were more than just a few people like me. I waited for my head to get right. When I got there, my interest came back. In my opinion, this isn’t something that can be forced. And we *all* go through it at one point or another. We’re here for you, Frank! And, I know this is easier to say than do, but don’t let the 100th Episode get to you. Your podcast is great every time you publish it. Your 100th will be the same. 🙂

  4. Irina aka @siberian_drellka says:

    Hello, Mr. Roche! 🙂
    This episode is wonderful as it’s about inevitable moments in the life of any postcrosser I believe.
    I hope you will recover soon from this period of “satiety” as I can’t imagine such a person as you are, jovial, easy-going, sunny and loving postcards so much, to give up postcards at all.
    When I feel the same frustration about postcards, I take a pause and try to look at my hobby from a different angle. At the beginning when I joined the postcrossing, I collected postcards as many do, but then I feel no satisfaction of the growning collections and I look at my hobby otherwise. I started to collect not cards but positive emotions from them like when you open a mailbox and – BOOM! a rainbow of happiness pours at you when you see a pile of postcards, when you find some interesting people through them, when someone receives your postcard chosen, written and decorated with heart and he feels WOW and you feels double-WOW from it, or when you find an unusial story written on postcards or about this postcards or connected with the person who wrote it to you. And postal coincidences – GOSH! I _love_ these moments of serendipity of any sort produced somewhow by snail mail. Like when two of my penpals from Norway and Finland met by pure chance at a postcrossing meet-up and discovered that they have a common friend in Siberia and they took the photo of them together and send me, incredible!
    My point is that it’s enough sometimes to look from different angle at things that we love but get used to in order to refind inspiration. That’s my remedy to survive the sad moments when my pleasure from postcards ceases. 🙂
    With warmest Siberian wishes,
    Irina. 🙂

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