Episode 108: National Postcard Week 2021

It’s National Postcard Week this week. I talk about it. 

2 comments on Episode 108: National Postcard Week 2021

  1. Teresa says:

    I actually received a postcard that was torn in half, in fact probably only 30 to 40% of it was left! The post office sent me the address portion. US mail does an amazing job processing so many thousands of pieces of mail a day but they do a very poor job servicing their machines. Those poor things have been beat to death… and then they in turn beat to death our mail.

    1. Frank says:

      Half a postcard…ugh. I once sent one of my favorite Benjamin Lacome postcards to a friend in California.Same deal — the address was there but the top half of the collector’s postcard was ripped off. Heartbreaking I really don’t understand why so many postcards get damaged in the USPS.

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