In which I talk about postcards (and many other things) for 36 minutes, 26 seconds, and 121 milliseconds. Plus there’s some music as an intro and outro. This is the last in the series for National Postcard Week 2021.

4 comments on Episode 113: Postcard Potpourri

  1. Georgie Stone says:

    Regarding your squirrel problem. I hears that if you put cayenne pepper around the plants it will keep them away. I have not tried this so no first hand knowledge on this.

    1. fiona austin says:

      I think that might work fir your squirrel problem, I also used cayenne pepper to keep my beautiful hares away from my beautiful lupins!

      Hopefully, some of the missing sunflower seeds pass straight through and then pop up somewhereselse!

      1. Frank says:

        I used cayenne for a new batch of sunflower seeds…my squirrels seemed to like it spicy.

    2. Frank says:

      I tried…I have some very determined squirrels. That like spicy.

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