Episode 115: Postales y Cartas con Ana Clara Padovani

Ana Clara Padovani (IG: postalesycartas) joined me from Argentina for a chat from about postcards, pen pals, books, music…and football. This show is a classic case of “postcards connect people.” Listen to find out how we connected.

You can find Ana on IG and on her website.

Also, you heard that Ana recommended some songs to me. Here they are:

Soda Stereo, En la ciudad de la furia , Lo que sangra, and En el séptimo día.

Charly GarcíaDemoliendo hoteles y Tu amor, a duet with Pedro Aznar.

BabasónicosLos calientesDeléctrico

Los PiojosAgua, Tan solo, El balneario de los doctores crotos.

DivididosNene de antes, Qué ves, Ala delta, Dame un limón.


Osvaldo Pugliese

Folklore: Mercedes Sosa, Zamba para olvidar .

Argentina Multiview Postcard

3 comments on Episode 115: Postales y Cartas con Ana Clara Padovani

  1. Vanina says:

    I’m a friend of Ana but also a fan of her, she’s brilliant, always great to talk to her because of her lovely conversation. I enjoyed your show very much, you both made me smile, laught, many memories from my childhood got back when Ana described hers. It was really a great pleasure to be a listener while 2 old friends shared their lives during an hour, thanks for that!

    1. Frank says:

      Ana is so good at conversation and such a natural. I felt like I had known her a long time. Thank you so much for listening to the show. And you’re fortunate to be friends with Ana. And she is of you.

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