Episode 70: Talking About Christmas Postcards

In this short episode, I talk about Christmas postcards I’m writing and sending. I spend some time chatting about Edition Tausendschön cards; getting a special cancellation from Santa Claus, Indiana; and why I have so many postcards on my desk but am always looking for more. 

4 comments on Episode 70: Talking About Christmas Postcards

  1. OG says:

    Well, Frank. Tausendschön is not a „real“ word. Literally it means a thousand beautiful. I think it’s a very nice word creation and it describes the cards perfectly!

    1. Frank says:

      Darnit…I thought I had that one right…but I realize it’s wrong now…thank you for clarifying…somehow that stuck in my head and that was that.

  2. Cindy Krueger says:

    Christmas, Michigan 49862 is another location people send mail for a Christmas cancellation.

    1. Frank says:

      That’s a really good one! Thank you!

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