If I Could Talk with the Animals

I was having a Dr. Doolittle moment when I looked at this set of incoming postcards. They all feature animals — and some very good stories. Plus, now I’m singing along to a song from long ago. Isn’t it amazing we can recall lyrics we haven’t heard in years?

Marisa sent this tabby cat from Malaysia along with a story about The Postcardist Podcast
And here’s Lucy from Lucy’s Wooly Wonders — a real-life tabby kitten.
Ha! As I was saying. This laminated card from Magda
Kirsten sent this one with an uplifting note.
Happy otter from Bridgette
Every day is Groundhog Day for me. Yes, like, the movie. This one brought real smiles, Becky.
A good reminder from Aparna in India
Rich reminded me with this card that I always wanted to ride in a stagecoach
Will sent this from the Moab Museum. It’s the Castleton Post Office.
Mounties on horseback by Friberg. Is there anything more elegant? This one from Maggie of Travel Trinkets Canada.
No animal set would be complete without a postcard of Albert Pickle the 3rd.

5 comments on If I Could Talk with the Animals

  1. Ana says:

    All I see is kittens and makes me want to have one!

    1. Frank says:

      Would you consider taking the world’s loudest 16-year-old cat? Especially one who gets up to pee in the middle of the night then has to shout about it for 15 minutes?

      1. Ana says:

        He looks so beautiful I would take him in! Haha I sleep horrible anyway, he can’t make it any worse!

        1. Frank says:

          He can be a nice little hot water bottle when he’s sleeping. He likes warmth and gives it off. The yowling…I guess you could get used to it.

          1. Ana says:

            I will take him. Ship him down here anytime you want. Winter is coming.

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