E3: Passive-Aggressive Postcards

The Passive-Aggressive Postcard episode I recorded with my fiend Lori Feldman  is now available. Click here to listen. You can also find the show by clicking on iTunes, Google Play Music and on Spotify by searching for “Postcardist.” If you’d do me a favor, would you please rate the show once you have a chance to hear it? Thanks so much.

One comment on “E3: Passive-Aggressive Postcards

  1. David Grindle says:

    Aww man I hit up the show notes to see the handwriting on the I’M STILL ALIVE postcard but no dice!!! I also thought i’d come here and see alot of buzz about these podcasts but there isn’t. I’ve listened to 4 now back to back and i’m absolutely in love!!! Definitely can’t wait to tell all my friends! Would love to see that I’M STILL ALIVE postcard someday though haha. Kinda creepy

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