It’s always interesting to look at incoming postcards in the collective. To examine them from different levels of observation. (Reminds me a a bit like the Charles and Ray Eames film Powers of Ten.) When you stand back and look a while, and have the breathing space to do it without IG tugging at your shirtsleeve, patterns emerge.

Today’s pattern is Strong Women.

I recently wrote a piece called In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream. I featured a postcard of a Storm Trooper in a dirndl that was sent to me by JoAnn. Which led to JoAnn sharing the story with the designer — and to her sending me a gift of five terrific postcards from Allen’s Halsey’s Strong Women Series. You can find Allen on IG with the very clever handle Probably Not Emma Watson. And you can find his other work at InPrint. (I wasn’t able to find a direct link to his postcards, but I’ll keep looking and update this story when I find something. I will say the cards are printed very nicely — velvet touch matte coatings on the front give a really nice hand feel.)

In addition to the Strong Women Series, I also noted I have a few other terrifically strong women on postcards to add to this piece. The Mae Jemison card sent by Betsy is from a box set from Timbuktu Labs called Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 50 Postcards of Women Creators, Leaders, Pioneers, Champions, and Warriors. Plus, I added the Fannie Lou Hamer card from Lisa.

And Marilyn. Well, Marilyn. She needs only one name. And that quote I appended to the card with her on it. So was so good.

Here’s to the strong women out there. That’s you. Rock on.
Looking for a Friend
Stormy C
The Tie That Binds
Strong women don’t have attitudes, we have standards. — Marilyn Monroe (from Debbie)
Fannie Lou Hamer card (designed by Postcards by Lisa)
Mae Jemison, Astronaut & Doctor by Timbuktu Labs (from Betsy)

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7 comments on Strong Women on Postcards

  1. Ana says:

    Hello, Frank! That surprise audio clip is cool! When you have time you can do tons of things! I like this new collection you will start. We will all have to help it grow! I love Allen’s drawings, thank you for the info. And wow, that movie! Isn’t that the way life is? And Marilyn, she was such a cool lady.

    1. Frank says:

      I’m glad you liked the little audio clip. This particular design is setup for audio, so I thought I would try it and see. Just an extra little bit.

      Yes, what a grouping of cards. I am happy with this one, even knowing Marilyn had a tragic end. She had power and strength when she was alive. She just got worn down.

      1. Ana says:

        I vote for more mini clips of audio and more Postcardist episodes.
        I am in a all female year with readings (thank you, Orla) and now I want to read a Marilyn bio. I’m not sure if there is one that makes her justice. But I will search for a good one.

  2. Dave W says:

    I like the added audio!
    I’m looking forward to seeing what you find hidden in your collection.
    I wonder how many other collections are lurking waiting for you to see the opportunity in them?

    1. Frank says:

      Good point…I am noticing much more!

  3. Betsy Kirichenko says:

    Love this one Frank! Thank you for celebrating

    1. Frank says:

      I celebrate women and encourage their success. Matters a lot to me

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