I’d like my spirit animal to be a tiger, even If it’s more likely my spirit animal is a sloth. These incoming cards make me wanna be a tiger even more.

Hey, if I quote William Blake’s The Tyger will I earn more tiger energy? Funny side note: I once spent an entire day at Tiger Balm Gardens in Singapore.

Dani sent this exquisite card from Canada for the Year of the Tiger
Detail on the stamp
This beautiful pictorial cancellation has my favorite number (23)
From Louise
From Teresa

6 comments on Tyger Tyger, burning bright

  1. Ana says:

    Look at those postcards! Powerful because of such a beast as the tiger and those vibrant colors.
    Haha, you made me laugh about the sloth. That is perfect for a t-shirt: sloth at heart.

    1. Frank says:

      Sloth at Heart! That would be a great t-shirt. Accurate for me. When I feel scientific I say I’m falling toward entropy. But what I really mean is I’m a Sloth at Heart.

    2. Teresa Edmunds says:

      For me it would have to be: heart of a tiger, body of a sloth

      1. Frank says:

        This one made me snort. Haha…I’m going with that chimera, too.

  2. Teresa Edmunds says:

    These are amazing postcards! And Frank, you can be any spirit animal you want and feel free to let it change day today.

    1. Frank says:

      I like that idea…let it change as the mood hits me!

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