Month: May 2021

Episode 113: Postcard Potpourri

In which I talk about postcards (and many other things) for 36 minutes, 26 seconds, and 121 milliseconds. Plus there’s some music as an intro and outro. This is the last in the series for National Postcard Week 2021.

Episode 112: Man on the Moon

In which I talk about Johnny Astro, growing up on the same street where Ray Bradbury grew up, and why I collect space postcards.

Episode 111: Postcard Experimental Design

In which I talk about polymer physics, design of experiments, rheology, digital calipers, coefficient of friction, bending deflection, stiffness…and why in the hell so many postcards get marred in the mail. 

Five types of cards I’ll use in the mailing experiment

Episode 110: Postcards and Postage Stamps

How many stamps do you put on a postcard? 

Episode 109: Pens & Pencils for Postcards

I’ve tested scores of pens and pencils to write postcards. Here’s where I tell you about it. 

Links to pens and pencils I use to write postcards:

Blue Sharpie



Sarasa Zebra

Retro 51





The Pens and Pencils I Discuss on the Show

Episode 108: National Postcard Week 2021

It’s National Postcard Week this week. I talk about it.