Episode 118: Searching for Bigfoot and Painting Postcards with Jamo

Jamo and I talked about Bigfoot. We went outside and looked for Bigfoot clues. Talked about Bigfoot sightings. And then Jamo created watercolor postcards of Biggie. The World’s Largest Bigfoot Postcard Collection just got bigger. So did my pride.

Jamo Paints Postcards
Jamo and Frank in Bigfoot Shirts
Finished Painting Biggie
Social Distancing Champion
Jamo Swinging High to Spot Bigfoot
We visited an antique sale. This Bigfoot sculpture was right in the front.

Postcards from South Africa with Nicole Banister aka Nikki Banz

This week I’m joined by the dynamic and multitalented writer, world traveler, and media sensation Nicole Banister, who many know as Nikki Banz. She joined me from her home in Cape Town, South Africa, and we had a far-ranging talk about postcards and long-time penpals and many, many, other topics.

You can find Nicole at these places (and watch for her documentary — I have a sense when she has ideas she makes them come true)

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theycallmebanz/
NIKKI BANZ LIVE: https://www.instagram.com/theycallmebanz/channel/Nas Academy – How To Adapt To New Cultures: https://nasacademy.com/nicoleLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/banisternicole/
Medium: https://medium.com/@nicolebanisterofficial
My Basketball Team (Instagram): https://www.instagram.com/mybasketballteam/My Basketball Team (website): https://www.mybasketballteam.co/

We also did a video recording of the show I’ll post on YouTube in a couple days. Here we are.

Nicole Banister and Frank Roche on Episode 117 of The Postcardist Podcast

E116: Postcards and Music Connect People Featuring Teresa Edmunds

I was thinking about how you say postcards connect people. So does music.

Teresa Edmunds

In this episode I’m joined by Teresa Edmunds. We talk about music. About postcard playlists and mixtapes. And how we can use music as a universal language as we write postcards.

Here are some music and media we referred to in the show:

Postcards and Letters playlist on Spotify by Teresa Edmunds

Send Me a Postcard (a convertible and an unknown destination)

A Playlist to fit a postcard’s illustration

The Postcrossing blog post that started it all

The Natural History of Song” study by Harvard

This is Your Brain on Music by Daniel J. Levitin

This is Just Some Songs podcast episode on This American Life (the mixtape episode)

The music in the show, titled Casa de Frio by Jon Presstone, is licensed from Storyblocks

Postcards from Paradise by Ringo Starr
Night on Bald Mountain by Modest Mussorgsky

Toilet paper stamp

Covid brought this unusual promotion to Teresa with a new car purchase

Postcards and Letters

Listen on Spotify: A blend of two loves: mail and music

Three days of Peace & Love & Postcards

Episode 115: Postales y Cartas con Ana Clara Padovani

Ana Clara Padovani (IG: postalesycartas) joined me from Argentina for a chat from about postcards, pen pals, books, music…and football. This show is a classic case of “postcards connect people.” Listen to find out how we connected.

You can find Ana on IG and on her website.

Also, you heard that Ana recommended some songs to me. Here they are:

Soda Stereo, En la ciudad de la furia , Lo que sangra, and En el séptimo día.

Charly GarcíaDemoliendo hoteles y Tu amor, a duet with Pedro Aznar.

BabasónicosLos calientesDeléctrico

Los PiojosAgua, Tan solo, El balneario de los doctores crotos.

DivididosNene de antes, Qué ves, Ala delta, Dame un limón.


Osvaldo Pugliese

Folklore: Mercedes Sosa, Zamba para olvidar .

Argentina Multiview Postcard

Episode 114: Postcard Connections with Dr. Justin Kreuter

I’m joined by Dr. Justin Kreuter, who’s known around Mayo Clinic as the Bow Tie Bandit of Blood. His day job includes:

  • Program director for the transfusion medicine fellowship
  • Medical director of the blood donor center
  • Associate medical director of the histocompatibility laboratory
  • Laboratory director at Federal Medical Center — Rochester
  • Alumnus of the Harvard Macy Institute’s program for educators in health professions

He’s also and avid postcard and letter writer. Artist. Musician. And podcaster. In this wide-ranging chat, we cover a lot of ground, all with a focus on how postcards connect people.

You can find Justin at these places:

Instagram: @kreutermd


Bow Tie Bandit of Blood Podcast


And here’s a link to an article about the need for blood donations and how your donations save lives. 

Hand-painted postcard by Dr. Justin Kreuter

Episode 113: Postcard Potpourri

In which I talk about postcards (and many other things) for 36 minutes, 26 seconds, and 121 milliseconds. Plus there’s some music as an intro and outro. This is the last in the series for National Postcard Week 2021.

Episode 112: Man on the Moon

In which I talk about Johnny Astro, growing up on the same street where Ray Bradbury grew up, and why I collect space postcards.

Episode 111: Postcard Experimental Design

In which I talk about polymer physics, design of experiments, rheology, digital calipers, coefficient of friction, bending deflection, stiffness…and why in the hell so many postcards get marred in the mail. 

Five types of cards I’ll use in the mailing experiment

Episode 110: Postcards and Postage Stamps

How many stamps do you put on a postcard? 

Episode 109: Pens & Pencils for Postcards

I’ve tested scores of pens and pencils to write postcards. Here’s where I tell you about it. 

Links to pens and pencils I use to write postcards:

Blue Sharpie



Sarasa Zebra

Retro 51





The Pens and Pencils I Discuss on the Show