Episode 108: National Postcard Week 2021

It’s National Postcard Week this week. I talk about it. 

Episode 107: A Postcard By Any Other Name

I chatted with postcard collector extraordinaire Mark Routh of Mark’s Postcard Chat about what defines a postcard — and how we make a distinction between a postcard and a piece of art. I think you’ll be surprised at the answer. 

Damien Hirst York Minster NHS Series

Episode 106: Desperately Seeking Postcards

I went on a trip across nine states and 20 hours of driving. I stopped along the way. I was Desperately Seeking Postcards. This is a show I recorded along the way. 

Episode 105: A Portrait of the Postcard Artist as a Young Woman — A Conversation with Nicole Carnes

Artist Nicole Carnes joins me on this episode where we discuss a wide range of topics: from her art, her inspirations (Vincent Van Gogh and Toulouse Lautrec), her ambidexterity, and what pictures she visualizes when she gets art inspiration.

You can find Nic on Instagram @rockabillynic.

Nic’s Etsy store: Fiber and Wooly Arts

Midnight in Paris

Loving Vincent

Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience

Nic Carnes thinking abut her next art postcard
Sparrow Postcard by Nic Carnes
Nic Carnes Self Portrait
Graphic Design Postcard by Nic Carnes
Head Full of Bees by Nic Carnes
100 Episodes of The Postcardist Podcast by Nic Carnes
Nic Carnes creating an art postcard

Episode 104: How to Create and Curate a Postcard Collection with Mark Routh

Mark Routh joins me this time to talk about curating his world-class Covid postcard (and associated mail and stamp) collection. He gives pointers to budding postcard collectors on how to start and where to focus to build a collection. 

You can find Mark’s work many places, including as a long-time author at Picture Postcard Monthly and at his blog — Mark’s Postcard Chat

Episode 103: Make a Wish, Adventure in Place, and Sugar & Kiki’s Snail Mail Bingo

I was joined again by Kate Wiggins of Sugar & Kiki, who you heard on Episode 101 talking about her Adventure in Place Snail Mail Bingo idea. You heard Kate talk about donating a portion of the profits of that Spring Break Adventure Pack to the Make a Wish Foundation. 

In this episode, Kate joins me as co-host to interview Sue Salter, who is the President and CEO of Make a Wish for South Dakota and Montana. Want to hear stories that will uplift you? Here you go. Play along; write postcards; do good. 

Bonus Material for Episode 102: The Questions I Forgot to Ask About Magda’s Long-Lost Postcard

I forgot to ask Magda a few questions about her postcard that took four years and 11 days to get to her. Here’s the answer.

Here’s the original cancellation date: February 21, 2017
This postcard was traveling for four years and 11 days

Episode 102: Magda Got a Postcard That Was Lost in the Mail for Four Years and 11 Days

Madalena Wojcicka of Travel Trinkets Canada left me a message that started with a bit of amazement. She got a postcard at her home in Calgary, Alberta, Canada that had been sent from Spain four years and 11 days earlier. It’s a real mystery.

The other part of the mystery is how we covered that topic, talked about the World’s Largest Fishing Lure, Muffler Men statues, postcard design, and walking around the earth — all while my cat Benjamin was yowling in the background.

Here are some links to items discussed in the show:

Travel Trinkets Canada

Tonkinese Cats

Muffler Men

The World’s Largest Fishing Lure

The World’s Largest Coffee Pot

The World’s Largest Skunk

Atlas Obscura

Benjamin the Noisy Cat Looking Innocent
Magda Wojcicka visited the World’s Largest Fishing Lure

Episode 101: Kate Wiggins of Sugar & Kiki on International Women’s Day, Adventure in Place Snail Mail Bingo, Dolly Parton, and The Avett Brothers

Kate Wiggins of sugarandkiki.com has a great idea: Adventure in Place Snail Mail Bingo. We talk about her concept — and the opportunity to help with the Make a Wish Foundation.

I Wish I Was

Listen to I Wish I Was on Spotify. The Avett Brothers · Song · 2016.

Click here to get your Adventure in Place Snail Mail Bingo Pack

We Made it to Episode 100!

Well, The Postcardist made it to an important podcasting milestone — Episode 100. Here it is.