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E9: Mailboxes of Seattle: An Interview with David Peterman

There are 347 free-standing USPS mailboxes in Seattle. Know why I know that? Because David Peterman documented every one of them...

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Cannabis Dispensary Postcards

Here’s marketing at its very best. This is a postcard from Serra, which bills itself as “Purveyors of Quality Drugs.” Their...

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Jeepneys in Manila

That’s a Jeepney in the Philippines. They’re a very popular form of transportation around the country, says Jens Meiners in Car...

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E8: Obscure Mailboxes, Nellie Bly and How to Drive a Postcardist Crazy

A new episode of the Postcardist Podcast is available. In the most recent show we talk about a mailbox that was...

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How to Prepare to be a Guest on the Postcardist Podcast

Show Format Show Opener – 5 minutes: General chit-chat to catch up; I’ll ask you to introduce yourself Segment 1: 10-15 minutes:...

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E7: How to Write Award-Winning Postcards

The writer Sara Wilson of joins me to talk about writing and how to craft award-winning postcards. You can find Sara’s...

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Frank Roche

I'm the host of The Postcardist Podcast. I really should be in the studio with headphones on talking into a microphone, but I liked how pretty the day was atop Mount Washington, the highest peak in the U.S. east of the Mississippi. I'll take a picture of myself in the studio and put that here...eventually.

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